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APEX 460 Mod Kit

CEK 12


P K47

P K67

CEK 47

CEK 89

34 mm Saddle and Post

Saddle and Post and Base
 - for 32 mm Capsule

These capsules are made by Peluso Microphone Lab. We buy the metal work from China and the sputtering and diaphragm work is done at the Peluso lab in the U.S. These are very nice capsules, with great frequency and transient response. These are of the finest quality, and with the costly machine shop work done in China, we can sell them at a fraction of the cost of a comparable German capsule.

How to mod an APEX 460 using our Modification Kit: http://canadianaudiodistributors.com/Index/modkit.htm

June 3, 2020