PADB Active Direct Box 

PADB Active Direct Box



The Peluso PADB Active Direct Box is not just a great
sounding DI Box. It  isolates your instrument from the
amplifier electronically while not loading  down the
pickups. This gives  the instrument greater sustain than
even your amplifier! (I didn't believe it until I heard it
myself either) 

Great, useable DI tone... 
...and it's almost like having a new clean amp. 
No ground lift as it is automatically lifted internally.
Runs on +48V Phantom Power. 

Try it! Canadian Audio Distributors offers a 7-Day Money
Back Guarantee on all outboard gear if you are not satisfied!

CAD Price: $218.00 CAD
plus applicable taxes and shipping
(MSRP $257.00 CAD)
If you find a better verifiable price on a new Peluso 
PADB anywhere, we'll beat it. Why pay duty and wait
longer to have it imported from the US?

* FOR INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: We will contact you with a
shipping cost for online orders.

Cloth covered 25' High Resolution XLR microphone cable
CAD Price: $59.00 CAD
plus applicable taxes, shipping included with mic
(click on photo)

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express,
Paypal, and personal check (will ship after it clears)

All Peluso Outboard is warranted for Three Years
against manufacturer's defects. 
September 9, 2015