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P-49 Vacuum
Tube Microphone

Technical Data 
Capsule Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient w/ 34mm K-47 style capsule
Frequency Range: 20Hz/20Khz
Polar Pattern: 9 - Switchable from omni- to bi-directional
Sensitivity: 15 mv/pa
Impedance: 200 ohms
SPL: 147 dB
Equivalent Noise: 14 dB(A)
Tube Type: 5744WB 
Power Requirements: Dedicated Power Supply, 115V or 230V AC
Size: 60mm x 205 mm
Weight: 731 g 

Peluso Microphone Lab has had many requests to 
produce a  mic with the characteristics of the vintage 
M-49.  We’re excited to now offer the Peluso P-49. 
It's equipped with a  miniature glass triode tube and
a BV-11 style output  transformer to capture the
mellow, un-hyped beauty of the M-49.

The P-49 is paired with the Peluso MX-56 power supply. 
The dual sided capsule in the P-49 enables the power 
supply to feature 9 polar patterns in an array from 
omni-directional to cardioid to figure eight.

The P-49 features our heavy-duty 8-pin screw on 
cable connector.  The large diameter pins in the screw
on connector give a tight and secure cable connection
designed to perform for a lifetime of use.

Acoustically matched pairs are available upon special

Microphone kit comes as a complete system including: 
P-49  Microphone in a Wood Box, Power Supply, 
New-style 8-Pin Screw on Cable Assembly, and a Shock
Mount all packed in a Flight Case.

Hand made in the USA.

CAD Price: $2799.00 CAD
plus applicable taxes
(MSRP $3293.00 CAD)
PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE FOR CANADIAN CUSTOMERS If you find a better verifiable price on a new Peluso mic anywhere, we'll beat it. Why pay duty and wait longer to have a mic imported from the US? * FOR INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: We will contact you with a shipping cost for online orders. Cloth covered 25' High Resolution XLR microphone cable CAD Price: $70.00 CAD plus applicable taxes, shipping included with mic (click on photo) METAL MESH POP SCREEN "POPPER STOPPER" CAD Price: $41.00 CAD plus applicable taxes, shipping included with mic (click on photo) Canadian Audio Distributors offers a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee on all mics if you are not satisfied! We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, and personal check (will ship after it clears) All Peluso Microphones are warranted for Three Years against manufacturer's defects.









June 2, 2020